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Most people start with seeds but you can also begin growing by using clones. If its your first time you probably want to use seeds because they take less time to grow.
prep time: 30 min
grow time: 4 to 10 days
items: Jiffy peat pellets, obtained at any garden store
           grow tray or clear plastic cups cut to size
           water, stored in a spray bottle
you will want seeds that are striped and pale to dark green in color. they should be hard and uncracked in order to grow. place jiffy pellets in water until they expand. place wet pellet in tray or in cut plastic cup. plant your seed about 1/4 inches into pellet. spray pellet daily as needed to keep moist but not soaked. seedling should appear in 4 to 10 days.
You can also sprout your seeds between a couple of layers of moist paper towels. seedlings need air so do not soak towels. when the root of the seed is visable its time to plant it. most people just plant their seeds because this tecnique is more time consuming because you have to be sure to keep the paper towels moist at All times.

Cloning is a great way to control the sex of your plants and you always know for sure what strain you are getting.
prep time: 30 min
grow time: 2 to 3 weeks
items: Rooting hormone, obtained at any garden store
           Jiffy peat pellets, obtained at any garden store
           mother plant, a fully grown female plant
           razor blade
           source of medium light
           grow tray or plastic cups cut to size
Soak pellet in water. place in tray or cut plastic cups. choose a stock that is small and has no buds. cut it at an angle and dip in rooting hormone. place clone in pellet following instructions on rooting package.  put clones under a medium light for 16 to 24 hours a day. clones will not survive in intenese light. in about 2 to 3 weeks clones will have visable roots coming out the sides of the pellet.
Note: if clones weaken,place them in a bucket and loosely strech some plastic wrap over the bucket. poke holes in wrap so clones can breath. place clones in constant light and keep moist by spraying them with water. The humidity will help the regain thier strength.
Vitamin B prevents the clones from going into shock. use a mild transplant solution if you are having troubles.

Step three, Hydro setup or Soil growing

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