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hydro set up

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Okay, for hydro to produce high quality and high quantity buds you must meet the lighting and fertilizer requirements of your plants. this must be done with precision in order for hydro to work. don't worry, it takes a little work, but with love and care your plants will make you happy. remember your plant will only be as good as you treat it.

Garden setup
prep time: 1-3 hours
items: plastic crates, they are free just ask you local grocer for some
         exhaust fan, obtained from home depot or local hydro store
         1 gallon milk jugs with tops removed
         rock wool or other porous rock, obtain
         aquarium pump and tubing, available from k-mart
         gang valve, to water all plants at once, available at k-mart   
         1/2 inch vinyl tubing, 2.5 feet , for siphoning   
         hydro solution, fertilizer
         reflectant, such as mylar or you may use tinfoil
         heavy black plastic, to prevent light from escaping
         ballasts, a Must! has mandatory electric components that are needed to run HID
         light source, high-pressure sodium AND metal halide(HID)
         timer, avalible at garden store
         power strip
Cut off top of milk jug.    insert siphon tube and air tube down the handle of the jug until the reach the bottom(fig. 315).    fill jug with rock wool.    cover walls and door of closet with heavy black plastic.    then cover with reflectant.     set up exhaust fan at top of garden.   attach to existing ventilation i.e. furnace or dryer vent, you want to suck the air and vent it out of the house.     stack crates in pyramid fashion( fig. 420).    place hydro jugs on crates.    plant  sprout pellet and inch or so into rock wool   fill jug with hydro solution until it just touches the pellet. after roots grow into rock wool keep solution level at around 2/3 full.  attach and turn on air pump.    with gang valve, you can run up to four plants.

Harvest and curing


Fig. 315


Fig. 420

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