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Cultivators of the sun, this is a simple recipe for the beginner or closet grower.


Hydroponics, it produces the highest yeilds with the least effort. as long as you take good care of your plants you should find this method has a very pleasing results.  its a little more expensive than soil growing, but it cuts down growing time and is more resistive to pests and fungi. There are some out there that prefer growing in soil because of the taste. although it takes a little more effort to grow in soil, if you know your stuff, the benifits are very satisfying.

Easy Hydroponics

step one: Getting to know ganja

step two: Getting started
step three: Hydro setup

Growing in Soil

step one: Getting to know ganja

step two: Getting started

step three: Earth harvest

Tips and Tricks

Drying and curing

Marijuana first aid

Tips for higher yield


This method is inspired by J.P Jarvis

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