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growing in soil

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Growing is soil is more cost efective and tastes even better but it takes more time and needs a little more attention.

Grow time: 4 to 6 months
items: 1 to 5 gallon pots
          vegetable or crop soil, must be rich and not too fine
          metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps
          ballast for lights, a Must!
          heavy black plastic
          vent fan
          plastic crates, they are free, ask your grocer
When seedlings are showing roots, plant in soil so pellet is flush with the top of the soil. arrange crates in pyramid fashion( fig.420). install vent fan so you are venting air out of the house i.e. furnace or dryer exhaust. fertilize according to label. water plants accordingly.  let soil almost dry out, then water again and repeat. keep in vegetation stage until plant starts to bud then move to budding stage. don't let the plants grow for too long, the plant will weaken. but don't be hasty and not let your plant grow long enough, buds will be stringy and take a long time to form. harvest when hairs on buds turn orange.

Fertilizers for soil growing contain items such as: bat guano, seabird guano, fish emulsion, sea kelp, micronutrients and earthworm castings. also the soil should not be too fine because air will not reach the roots. vermiculite and perlite mixed in with the soil lighten it up if its too heavy.


   fig. 420

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