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things you should know

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Here are some things you should know about psilocybin.

You Must have a sterile working enviroment or your jars will get contaminated. if  Any contamination occurs throw the jar away!!! eating mushrooms from a contaminated jar can kill you!!! contamination appears in many forms and colors. if your jars are not white and stringy, that means they are contaminated. you can NOT remove the contamination and keep growing that jar thinking that it's fine, it's Not!! live by this rule: If you have any doubts throw it out!!!
CO2 build up will stunt the growth and even kill your mushrooms. you must air out your terrarium 3 times a day!
Mushrooms like temperatures around 75 to 80 degrees. anything below or above those temps and your mushrooms will suffer.
Humidity is very important! keep your humidity levels at 100% to 95%.  do not let it drop below 90 if you can. if humidity is low you will start to see little white cotton balls growing on your cakes. you can raise the humidity by spraying more offten. if you spray your terrarium regularly , keep the air pump running and make sure your perlite is always moist you should be fine.

If you notice the mycelium has areas of yellow or orange this means that you put too much water in your substrate mixture. these areas are the same texture of the mycelium.

A cake can flush several times, which means once it's been harvested it can grow more mushrooms. with each flush there will be less and less pins, see tips and tricks on what you can do to make your cake produce more promising yields after the first flush.

Shoorm glossary
substrate: a mixture of water, brown rice flour and vermiculite that houses the mycelium.
mycelium: the begining stage of psilocybin growth, it's bright white with a stringy texture .
cake: the combination of the substrate and mycelium, what your mushrooms live off of.
vermiculite: a golden flakey mineral that retains water
perlite: a porus rock that retains water.

If you have any questions concerning your jars, Contact us and we'll be happy to answer them!!!

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