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Here are a few tips on how to make your cakes produce bigger yields.

prep time: 20 min
items: 1/2 pint kerr jar
          bottled water
          harvested cakes
          soda bottle cap
Dunk cake a day after you harvest it. pull out the crisper drawer in your fridge and clean it with some bleach and lysol. run jars and bottle caps through the dishwasher with a little bleach. or you can pressure cook them(jars) for about 15 min. let jars cool. put cake in jar and place bottle cap on the center of the cake. fill with bottled water until all the way full. carefully screw on lids.  place in crisper in the fridge and let sit for 12 to 24 hours. any longer than 48 and they will die. this method ensures that your mushrooms will have enough water to grow bigger. the more water the bigger the mushroom.
Note: you can also use soy milk, dont leave in the fridge more that 11 hours. this replenishes the nutrients in older cakes. but the cakes are more prone to contaminates.

Cold shock
prep time: 20 min
items: clean 1/2 pint kerr jars
           harvested cake
Wait until the day after the cake was harvested to perform this method. clean crisper drawer of fridge with bleach and lysol. run jars through dish-washer with a little bit of bleach. or you can pressure cook them for 15 minutes. let jars cool. place cakes in jars and screw on lid tight.  put in the fridge. let sit for 12 to 24 hours. for some reason this puts the cakes into overdrive.

Flat cake tek
prep time: 30 min
items: 3 or more fully collonized cakes
          a glass baking dish ( the darker the better)
          gloves, face mask and hair cap
          damp vermiculite
          tin foil, if the dish is clear glass
Make sure baking dish is sterile. spread a layer of damp vermiculite on the bottom, about a half inch. now break up your cakes and spread them over the vermiculite, dont worry this wont hurt them, you want a layer that is an inch thick. now add another layer of damp vermiculite that is 1/2 to 3/4 inchs. the trick is to get a 2 inch high "sandwich". place sterile tin foil on the outside of the baking dish around the bottom. put in terrerium and care for as you would for the cakes. this tek provides optimum growing space for your shrooms so your yeild will be higher.


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