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Now you are ready to bring your jars to life!

prep time: 30 min to 1 hour
items: spore syringe, click here
         latex gloves
        shower cap
         dust mask
         denatured alcohol, available at your local grocer
         shot glass
         sterile room or glove box
After jars have cooled over night  tighten lid and prepare for inoculation. spray innoculation surface and sorrounding area with lysol. pour denatured alcohol in shot glass. adorn gloves, shower cap, dust mask and spray with lysol. wait a few minutes for lysol to dissipate from air. light alcohol with match. hold tip of syringe in flame for a few seconds. do not let it get black. inocculate jar by injecting 1cc in each of the four holes in lid. you want to do this at an angle so that the tip of the syringe is touching the glass and you can see the liquid run down the side. place jars in complete darkness for 2 to 3 weeks or until jar is fully colonized i.e. the  white mycelium is completely covering jar surface. do not let jars incubate for to long as the mycelium will reach the jars lid and will become contaminated with rust. if this happens throw the jar away. check jars periodically for contamination i.e anything that is not white mycelium. you may notice an orange or yellow color, that means the jar has too much water. if it does not progress you will be fine. adjust water amount of substration the next time you make it. when you see pins, small worm like mushrooms, it is time to move the cakes to the terrarium.

step three,  the Terrarium

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