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the terrarium

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Here is how to make your terrerium or grow room.

The Terrarium
prep time: 30 min
items: 10 gallon fish tank
          4 small suction cups
          1 piece plexiglas, cut to size a little smaller than fish tank
          small glass vase
          air pump
          perlite, found at any garden store
          shot glass
          plastic wrap
          shipping tape, its like plastic masking tape
          plastic napkin rings
          humidity gauge, available at any hydro store
Wrap  fish tank lid in plastic wrap so that it is air tight, use shipping tape to secure wrap. poke a hole in corner of wrapped lid for the air pump tube. place suction cups so that they will hold plexiglas at an angle(fig. 7). fill vase with water. insert pump tube so that it touches bottom of vase. plug in pump. fill shot glass with perlite and moisten with water. place it on other side of tank. poke a hole in lid on opposite side of vase for hydrometer. place cakes on napkin rings, Not directly on the bottom of the tank.


Fig. 7

step four, fruiting

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