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indica icecream

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Indica Icecream
prep time: 7 min
cook time: varies
post cook time: 8 to 16 min
items:1 pint half & half
         1 egg, beaten
         1/2 cup sugar
         1 tsp vanilla -or- 2 tsp chocolate syrup
        6 to 8 tbl spoons ganja butter, melted
You will also need theses items to make your icecream, unless of coarce you have an icecream maker.
         1, 1lb coffee can with lid
         1, 3lb coffe can with lid
         rock salt
melt butter with the milk on low heat. let cool for a few minutes, do not let the butter harden at all. place all items in the 1 pound coffee can  secure the lid with duct tape place the 1 pound coffee can in the three pound coffee can and fill with ice. sprinkle in some rock salt and cover with lid. now sit on the ground with a friend and roll or kick the can back and forth 3 to 5 feet apart for about 8 to 10 minutes. if icecream is not hard roll for another 10 minutes. some of the butter might seperate from the milk, if this happens just stir it back into the icecream. its really yummy and really easy. enjoy!

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