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mushroom tincture

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Mushroom tincture


prep time: 10 min
"cook" time: 48 hours
post "cook" time: varies anywhere from  3-6 hours
items: large masson jar
         coffee grinder
         knee high pantyhose
         at least a quarter of mushrooms
        200 proof ethyl alcohol* must be 200 proof! you can find this at any well stocked liquor store.....some states require a permit for this++
Grind mushrooms in coffee grinder OR place in plastic bag and break them up with a rubber mallet or shoe.   place ground up mushrooms in masson jar and fill with ethyl alcohol.....make sure alcohol fills in every space. make sure lid is on tightly.       place it in freezer for twenty four hours....shake occasionally. now pour into pantyhose and drain into another masson jar. squeeze pantyhose until you cant extract any more liquid.     then retrieve shroom material from filter and place in seprate jar.   resoak material with new alcohol and repeat freeze/strain process.   now let your jar sit in sunny place so alcohol evaporates. as alcohol evaporates push resedue back into solution.   evaporate solution to concentration desired.  store in freezer
NOTE: use about 2-3 grams boom for every cc of alcohol.
* 200 proof is used because it has no water. 190 is okay but 5% of residue will be water.
++ if you need a permit call your state liquor board ( usually in state capital). the fee is about five or ten bucks. they will ask you what you want to use this for....tell them what they want to hear...i.e. non-toxic surface sterilization, herb preservation, perfume making.......

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