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ganja tincture

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Ganja Tincture


Prep time: 15 min
Pre cook prep time: 2-3 weeks
cook time: varies 10-20 min
Items: Large masson jars
         everclear liquor
         stainless steel bowl
         cooking pot
         at least 1/2 jar of buds or a full jar of leaf/stem.
Place buds, leaf or stems in masson jar.   fill masson jar with everclear. make sure the liquor fills all spaces. cap jar tightly.   put jar in freezer and shake twice a day for two to three weeks.   remove jar from freezer and strain liquid from gunk with panythose into another masson jar.   you may want to repeat freeze/strain procces but its optional.   leave ganja liquid over night to let some of the alcohol  evaporate.   PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!!  fill cooking pot with water and place on low tempreture.   pour ganja liquid in metal bowl and place over water.....make sure the bowl is bigger than pot so it will suspend over the water. a double boiler is ideal for this.  The trick is not to let the liquid container touch the cooking pot....alcohol is VERY FLAMMABLE.  heat liquid until alcohol evaporates.   you should have a sticky substance when finished.
WARNING: There is a high risk burning your self so please be extremly carefull!!!  Alcohol is extremly flammable!!!
Dragon's Breath
Place a good amount of tincture in a small vial that has a dropper. add any liquor that is 80 proof or more. mix well. Drop on tounge, 2 to 3 drops is the recommended dosage.
will beat ANY bad breath!!

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