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harvest and drying

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Now its time to reap the benefits of all your hard work.

items: razor blade
         denatured alcohol
         shot glass
         latex gloves
         shower cap
         dust mask
Before the veil breaks from the mushroom is the best time to harvest for maximum potency. put on gloves, shower cap and dust mask. spray with lysol. wait for lysol to dry. remove cake from terrarium. pour alcohol in shot glass and light with match. hold tip of razor blade in flame for a few seconds. Do not let it turn black. cut mushroom at the base. you may also want to simply hand pick your mushrooms. always wear gloves, hair cap and face mask, be sure to keep very sterile!

items: large strainer or  peice of silk screen nailed to a picture frame
          small fan
Prop small fan on piece of wood so it is blowing upward. hang strainer over fan.  place mushrooms in strainer or on silk screen. let sit for 2 to 4 days or until mushrooms are cracker dry. store in air tight container. you may also eat the mushrooms wet if you choose, the taste is much stronger though. see magic mixes for recipes on covering up the taste.


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