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In the event that you have smoked pot and need to pass a drug screening, follow the simple and "tasty" recipe bellow and you should have no problems.
The Method
Pre drug test time: 1 day
items: 1 package of pectin gelatin
          1 gallon of water
          3 B6 vitamins
          3 B12 vitamins
          1 liter of any kind of juice, preferably orange
          1 banana
Do Not Smoke any Herb two to three days before your test! This meathod works on the night before you get tested. mix  the whole packet of gelatin in the gallon of water.   Drink this throughout the rest of the evening, drink ALL of it! and yes, nature calls you out of bed through out the evening, a small price to pay. right before you go to bed eat the B6 and B12.  it is Important that you Do Not Eat Anything! up Until your drug test! When you get up in the morning Make sure you go to the bathroom, the first time you urinate after sleeping is the dirtiest sample! you can have the juice for breakfast. Drink lots of water through out the day, urinate as frequently as possible. two hours or so before your test eat the banana. drink more water.
How It Works
THC gets into the urine through blood cells, mostly from fat. The mixture that you consume will coat your stomach with gelatin, witch will not allow any of these blood cells into the stomach. So when you drink water you essentially urinate water because your stomach will not transfer the blood cells containing THC. The juice, B6, B12 and banana all help with color, your urine will not be the dark yellow that you are used to so don't be alarmed. If anyone raises an eyebrow, simply tell them you consumed a fair amount of water to prepare for the test.

Some perscriptions
Most of the market remedies work when directions are followed. Cranberrie juice is great for helping to clean the system. Taking niacin does work for the most part but is not worth it, besides, some screenings test for it. Drinking bleach will not only improve your singing voice but will enable you with stuper human powerz! other words, its a dumb idea.

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