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These are the most common items you will be using for most of the recipes featured on this site............if you are unsure about something or need to substitute an item check below. There are also cooking equations toward the bottem.


Coffee Grinder. this can also be replaced with a blender, but you will loose a little bit of substance powder.
Crock-pot. this can be any size of crock pot, bigger is better. you can't susbtitute this item only because cooking times will be at least a day or more and a regular stove cant handle this.
Pantyhose. Buy the knee high ones, they come in two seperate pieces. you can also use cheese cloth or silkscreen.
Stems. stems as you know are  tricky to work with . you can spare your pantyhose by chopping the stems as fine as possible.  Or you can simply bundle the stems with some string and just toss out the bundle when your done cooking.
Ganja. All the recipes featured are prepared with the highest quality of ingredients so if your going to use low grade marijuana you will need to add more pot to the recipe.  a little less than half as much more.   i.e. half ounce for every ounce.
Mushrooms. When cooking with mushrooms heat is a factor because it will destroy the psilocybin. so be cautious.
Dishwashing gloves. When straining substances it can get messy and the substance will probably be very hot or very cold.  the gloves will protect your hands from any of the straining elements you might run into.


Cooking Equations
Ganja butter
1 stick equals 113 grams
1 cup equals 226 grams
1/2 cup equals 113 grams...8 tbsp
1/3 cup  equals 75 grams..5 and 1/3 tbsp
1/4 cup equals 56.5 grams..4 tbsp
Mushroom powder
1 cup equals 75 grams
1/4 cup equals 20 grams
1/3 cup equals 25 grams
1/2 cup equals 37. 5 grams



Will adding more ganja butter than called for in a recipe affect the dish ?
Yes. Although it depends on, of coarce, what type of dish you're cooking. butter acts like oil. when a dish calls for oil, use butter instead. If you want to use more butter/oil than is requested in the recipe, add less water or egg to the dish. this will balance the dish by not adding more weight and liquid to the mixture.  

Will heat affect my dish?
   Heat will affect your dishes in different ways. With marijuana the heat will act as an extraction agent, which is what you want. I have never burned ganja butter but im sure its possible. You must be carefull with mushrooms because the heat will destroy  them. you will want to prepare dishes where you can add ground up mushrooms to the dish after it's cooked. if your dish is warm you should be fine.  Heat will evaporate most of the alcohol percentage in the dish, its mainly for you unfortunatly wont be getting drunk but thats more reason to have a beer with dinner!

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